Kwinana Golf Club, just south of Perth, is one of Western Australia's premium golfing venues, and one of Perth's best kept secrets. Although Kwinana is a private A-Grade course, visitors are welcome with open arms to enjoy and experience the natural beauty and prolific bird life of this exceptional course.

Kwinana have a fleet of 30 electric golf carts, and recently looked at ways to revive and extend the working life of the batteries. They came across our BLS Battery Reviver and purchased two devices to test the effectiveness on carts with poor batteries. They were so impressed with the results, they are in the process of fitting the Battery Reviver to all their rental carts.

The Battery Reviver is a device recently patented in the US, which performs two functions. Firstly it revives old sulphated batteries by sending a transmission through the batteries, dissolving the sulphur build up on the lead plates. In doing this it restores the voltage of the batteries back to their original voltage. Secondly, by dissolving the sulphur, the sulphuric acid is restored back to it's original strength. Leaving the device connected will prevent sulphation from occuring in the future. By preventing this sulphation process from occuring, the developers claim it will tripple the life of the batteries, this is difficult to prove, but it makes sense that if you eliminate the main reasons the batteries fail, it must increase the life of the batteries.