Golf Cart Batteries Reviver


The BLS Battery Reviver for Golf Carts


Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Battery operated Golf Carts are user friendly, economical, convenient and fun. They create zero emissions and quiet communities. More than two million are in use in hotels, resorts, industrial complexes, convention centres, airports, schools, mobile home parks, retirement or ?golf cart communities.?
Their only drawback is that over time, golf batteries slow down and don't go as far. Golf cart batteries weaken, they don't hold as much charge, and eventually you have to purchase new batteries.
New batteries can run from $250-$300 each (6 to 8 of them on a cart). They are expensive, messy and troublesome to replace.
The solution is the BLS Battery Reviver electronic device. It is easy to install and easy to use, just connect it and use your cart as normal. It will rejuvenate old golf cart batteries and extend the life of good working batteries.

Why do Golf Cart Batteries Slow Down?

The reason your batteries weaken causing your cart to slow down and to not hold charge is the formation of lead suphfate on the battery plates. 75% to 80% of lead acid batteries - the type used in Golf Carts - fail prematurely because of the formation of lead sulphate crystals.

Purpose of a Golf Cart Battery

Golf cart batteries provide the power to propel the cart and operate any other electrical devices installed on the cart from a radio to air conditioning. An electrical current is generated in the battery by a chemical reaction between the lead plates and sulfuric acid electrolyte.
Most golf carts use 6 six Volt batteries for 36 Volts total to power the motor, or 6 eight Volt for a total of 48 Volts. The easiest way to tell the voltage of your cart is to lift the seat and count the filler holes in the top of the battery. 3 equals six Volts and 4 equals eight Volts.
Golf cart batteries are a special type called deep cycle. A deep cycle battery must provide a moderate amount of current or energy for a long period of time and may go days before getting recharged. A starter battery, the type that is used in your car, truck, or SUV, provides very high current for a few seconds and is recharged immediately. Deep cycle batteries are especially prone to sulphate buildup because they work for extended lengths of time before being recharged. This and heat (temperatures over 70 degrees F) accelerate the buildup of sulphate.
You should never use car batteries for a golf cart.
A perfectly good battery will seem dead because lead sulphate has built up on the plates. Lead sulphate crystals form as a result of the chemical reaction that produces electricity. These crystals interfere with the flow of electricity in and out of the battery.
Until now, there has not been an effective way to remove sulphate crystals. 74 million batteries are thrown away ever year, 80% of which could have been recovered.
Today there is a solution. It is called The BLS Battery Reviver electronic device.

What are the Benefits of using the BLS Battery Reviver electronic device

  • Can extend the battery life in your golf cart two to three times.
  • Prevents slowdown. Restores power and performance.
  • Restores or maintains original distance travelled.
  • Reduces consumption of water and maintenance trouble.

How Effective is our Golf Battery Reviver?

The effectiveness of a desulphator is a function of its power output and the ability to stimulate a broad spectrum of frequencies.
The BLS Battery Reviver electronic device has fins for cooling because the electronics in it need the cooling fins to handle its high power output. No other desulphator puts out this much power. If you see a similar device housed in a plastic box, be advised that it cannot possibly be powerful enough to be effective. Because of the square wave technology, The BLS Battery Reviver excites the broadest spectrum of crystal frequencies possible. This is your assurance that the BLS Battery Reviver will effectively maximise your battery performance.
We also offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee! So what are you waiting for, call us today to get your golf cart battery back to new.