I just thought I would let you know that I received the Battery Reviver and installed it on my EMC golf cart last Sunday then went and played 18 holes. Normally, when I finish a round of 18 holes, the top bar of the battery indicator is not lit up, and occasionally a 2nd. However, on Sunday even the top bar was still lit. I wasn't expecting such an immediate improvement but it certainly appears to be working for me so will certainly be telling my mates about it.

Brian White

Member of Toukley Golf Club


Just thought I'd pass this on to you.

In November 2012 I installed 6 new Trojan T875 8v batteries in my Yamaha cart. In April 2016 I read about your BLS so I bought one and installed it. I expected to get 5 years and hoped to get 7 years life, but they are still going strong, now I'm hoping to get 10 years before having to replace the batteries. The $289 I spent on the BLS has been well worth it.

Feel free to use my story for marketing purposes.

Peter J Evans

Member Bribie Island Golf Club



I purchased the Battery Reviver on 9th August and it is doing what they say it should. I have an electric cart, Yamaha 2005 with 4 year old batteries. There was times during a normal game of golf that my cart would lose charge and it would always happen on the far side of the course. It meant that I had to push my cart back to the shed for a recharge, which in it's self is not a great drama but being 64 years old, I was king of buggered and short of breath.

Every month I would read Inside Golf and notice your advert on the Battery Reviver, I would say to myself "that is what I need to buy to get my batteries back to normal working mode" I have followed the recommended working practices that were provided with the unit, and the results have been impressive.

My cart now appears to have more get up and go, not that it is any faster but there is an immediate response when I hit the accelerator. And this is not just me thinking that nit is so, my golfing buddy took it for a run just last week and he also noticed a significant difference in acceleration.

There is power there now that was lacking before I installed the Battery Reviver. I can now play a full two rounds on one charge which is fantastic.

It has been almost a month since I installed and have had my old batteries revived to the extent they are now. It is just awesome. Thank you very much for a great product. i have spread the word and put your flyers on the bar of the golf club, I hope you get more sales.

David Loftus

Member of Temora Golf Club


I bought a 48 volt golf cart Battery Reviver from you a few days ago and I am ecstatic with the results. The last time I used the cart it just got through 8 holes and died on the hill on the 9th. I had a friend fit the Battery Reviver, gave it a charge and drove it up and down the cul-de-sac and put it on charge again. I used it today and got through 18 holes. As I said before I am ecstatic and am recommending all my friends fit it to their carts.


Pat Chapman

Member Forster Tuncurry Golf Club 


I bought one of your 36/48 volt forklift models 2 years ago because my Yale forklift battery was on it's last legs. The repalcement cost was going to be $6,000.00. I bought the Battery Reviver off you for $385.00 hoping to get another year out of it. The battery was so bad we had to charge it up every night and when we had to unload a shipping container we could only get half unloaded before the battery was flat. We kept a record after fitting the Battery Reviver of when we had to charge it and it decresed dramatically and now, 2 years on, we only charge the battery once a week.

I think it is fantastic and would highly recommend it.


Dave Hawes

Alliance Packaging

Tullamarine Victoria 


I received the device yesterday and installed it in the afternoon. I have to say it seems to have improved the cart's performance overnight, but I think that is insane. The yellow light battery light was coming on after 15 holes and today it didn't come on at all.


Terry Wenban

Member Coolangatta & Tweed Heads Golf Club NSW



I would just like to thank you for your 'machine'. I can now do 18 holes with my cart showing 1/4 charge used. Before I fitted it, after 18 holes, it used to show 1/2 charge used. It seems to be working very well and I am very happy.


Steve Despotovic

Plays at The Grange, Dapto NSW




My golf cart was not getting 18 holes and I purchased one of your Battery Revivers. I started getting results almost straight away and after 4 days, after 18 holes I still had 25% charge let in the batteries.

I recommend the Battery Reviver to any body that has an electric golf cart.


Wayne Creighton

Member Robinvale Golf Club 




Hi Martin,


The Battery Reviver arrived safely and appears to have worked wonders, the batteries now seem as powerful as when new. I have shared my experience with a couple of other Tallwoods members.





Richard Harpham

Member Tallwoods Golf Club, NSW




My golf cart sat unused over winter and although I topped up the charge on a regular basis, when my wife used the cart, she only got 5-6 holes out of the batteries. I checked the specific gravity with a hydrometer, all the cells were in the red and when I stirred the acid it was muddy. I bought a Battery Reviver off you a few weeks ago. The cart is easily getting 18 holes now, after only having your gadget fitted for 4 charges. Most of the cells are in the green now and the acid is clear when I stir it up. If I don't get any further improvement, I will be happy with the results, but it looks like the batteries will continue to improve. I have already recommended it to my mates.


Craig Davies

Member Flagstaff Hill Golf Club

South Australia 



"Used on a "Club Cart" golf cart with low utilisation (average say 15 rounds per year) with a set of about 2 year old batteries, the unit has improved the battery capacity. It is noticeable that the battery level meter now only reduces by one notch from full after a full 18 holes on a mainly flat course. Before fitting the BLS Battery Reviver, the battery level meter reduced by about 3 notches."


Robert Fraser

Member of Southport Golf Club




"My Name is Mark McCormick, at the end of September 2013 I purchased one of your revivers for our Club Car golf cart which was slowing up badly, only just making 18 holes. I found you online and can't believe the difference it has made, the cart now goes like a new one and could do 36 holes on one charge. I gave a leaflet to one of my mates who was also having the same problem and he bought one from you as well and his cart now is like ours.

So to anyone with the same problem I urge them to use your reviver and improve the battery performance by a mile.

Great! Best $289.00 I have ever spent.


Mark McCormick

Member of Young Golf Club 



I can't believe it, I purchased the Battery Reviver and was sceptical about it. My batteries in my cart had deteriorated down to below half charge remaining after 18 holes. After fitting the Battery Reviver after 18 holes, carrying two people, the battery indicator is just below full charge after 18 holes. the device is phenomenal and I no longer have to buy new batteries.


Colin McKay

Member Bribie Island Golf Club

Sandstone Point Queensland 



My buggy has 3 x 12 volt batteries, which had been tested and the report showed one battery was US. After two days of having your device fitted the buggy went from battling to do 9 holes to doing 11. After one week it went to doing 18 holes. After less than two weeks it now does over 42 holes. The batteries are now testing  over 13 volts, including the battery that tested US


Ron Ronchi

Mount Lawley Golf Club member

Dianella, Perth WA




"Thank you for your prompt attention after my phone call on Friday 19th October (2012) when my batteries went flat after playing 6 holes having to walk my Par maker golf cart the last 12 holes, with minimal battery charge to get me home walking.

The Battery Reviver arrived on Tuesday, connected it straight away. The results on Thursday 25th October (2012), completed all 18 holes with plenty of power still in the batteries. Great result for me so thanks again Martin."


William Harvey

Churchill Park Golf Club member

Wheelers Hill, Victoria




"I purchased the Battery Reviver for my golf cart because I was not able to get 18 holes from the batteries and had to push the cart back to the club house. I received the Battery Reviver and my husband fitted it on Saturday, we played golf on Sunday and we were able to get a full 18 holes with still lots of power left in the batteries"


Josephine Pang

East Doncaster. Victoria




"Thank you so much for your prompt service in the delivery of my battery reviver. It works just as you said it would and my almost tired batteries are now back to full strength after 3 rounds of golf.

Overall an exceptional product, and terrific personal service. Thank you".


David Taylor

Canterbury. Victoria 




"I purchased a Battery Reviver on June 25th 2012. I have a 48 volt cart which would not last for 18 holes and needed to be pushed. I purchased a Battery Reviver and my golf mates said I was crazy, it was a con and a waste of money.

I have 6 x 8 volt batteries and one battery was down to 6 volts, the others barely made 8 volts. After using the Battery Reviver for 2 weeks my cart is now showing plenty of charge left after 18 holes. Now 5 of my batteries all show over 8.3 volts and the bad battery is recovering and showing 7.9 volts, and this is after 18 holes of golf.

My mates now have egg on their faces. I would recommend the Battery Reviver to anybody and will be telling my golf pro at Ocean Shores about the device."


Alexander Redmond

Pottsville. Northern NSW




"We own a Crown forklift that recently started to run out of puff. The battery was     inspected by a battery company and assessed to be at the end of its working life.     Instead of replacing the battery (which was going to cost thousands of dollars) we     decided to try the Battery Reviver. We started to see an improvement almost           immediately and have been happily surprised at the result. We would recommend the   Battery Reviver to anybody who has a battery problem or wants to extend the life of their battery."
      Grant Colburt, General Manager
      Pioneer Poultry, Sydney

 "I purchased a Battery reviver recently and have been amazed that I am already getting results. I have a 48 volt cart and one battery was around 7.50V. After 4 rounds of golf it's on full charge again at 8.55 Volts. I'm a believer."


Bob Thompson

Bribie Island. Queensland 




"I have now had my BLS 48v Battery Reviver on my cart for 10 weeks and took notice in the first 5 or so cycles that the charge meter light was not moving as much. I can now tell you that after approx 40 cycles the light for the charge meter does not move after 18 holes. After 10 weeks the result is that the batteries are performing much better and we have another benefit that I was not reckoning on, the charge time is much less. It should take approx 6 hours to charge and it is not taking anywhere near that time. 2 hours charging today after 18 holes the Delta Q charger is on the flashing green light... Absorption phase complete. In finish phase.. now how good is that?


My batteries are 14 months old and from new the charge meter always reduced at least 1/4 inch. In other words I can promote the BLS system with confidence".


Ross Tuck

Mildura. Victoria




"Just wanted to let you know that we got the forklift moving and working, wanted to say thanks for your advice and that we are very happy with the BLS Battery Reviver, it does just as you said!!"


Amir Verdadi, Technical Engineer, APV