Steering Wheel Knob


This is a high quality golf cart steering knob which will assist in manouvering around parked cars and tight corners with ease. The ball bearing mounted power handle come complerte with a rubber pad to help prevent the knob from abrading the steering wheel. It is easy to install, all you need is a Phillips head or flat head screw driver.

Item: Golf cart steer knob

Battery Indicator


This new golf cart battery indicator is multi voltage and will operate on 24, 36 and 48 volt golf carts. simply select the voltage at the rear of the guage to match the voltage of your cart. The battery indicator requires a 50mm hole and comes with installation instructions.


The LED display contains seven green lights, two yellow and one red. When fully charged all the lights are illuminated and as the charge gets lower the green lights extinguish from right to left until only the yellow and red light are illuminated. This allows you tell how much charge you have left in the batteries.


The battery indicator will suit all electric golf carts.


The battery indicator does not come with the wires required to connect it to your cart, but these are easily available for your local hardware store.



Item: Battery indicator

Gimme Charge


The Gimme Charge allows a golf cart owner or even a golf cart hirer to charge up any device that usually uses a USB socket to charge up. The device comes with universal plugs that fit the three common golf carts ie. Yamaha after 2007, Club Car after 2004 and EZGO after 2008. The Gimme Charge plugs into the recharge socket on Yamaha and EZGO and with Club Car the socket is located either under the dash or under the direction switch (socket location instructions for Club Car are included) Once you plug the Gimme Charge in you are able to charge up any of your devices, smart phones, GPS, range finders, GPS watches, tablet or iPad computers etc.

Item: gimme

Find-a-Ball golf glasses


The Find-a-Ball glasse kit comes complete with a moulded zip up case with a clip that can easily be attached to your golf bag and a cleaning cloth. The Find-a-Ball golf glasses have adjustable arms to allow for their use over distance glasses.

Item: findaball1